Upgrade Your Thinking With These Three Steps

Feb 03, 2023
Upgrade Your Thinking

One of the beauties of the human mind is that we benefit from metacognition: thinking about thinking. When you take the time to notice your thoughts, you can identify habitual patterns of thinking that aren’t true, don’t serve you, keep you small, or stuck. In his book The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle calls these thoughts “…those old gramophone records that have been playing in your head perhaps for many years….” I love the visual of an old record player on repeat. These days, you can stream almost any song ever recorded. Nobody is relying on their old Victrola for music. The same is true with your thoughts. Don’t stick with the ones you have if they’re no longer pleasing, helpful, or accurate. It’s time for an upgrade.


Try this:

Write down that unhelpful thought you notice the most. If a part of your brain wants to fight to keep that thought because it is “so true,” keep questioning the believability of that thought with evidence to the contrary.

Rewrite that thought in a more helpful, neutral, or accurate way.

Find an anchor that will remind you to repeat the new thought.

For example, “I’m too busy to prioritize my health” can be rewritten as “There is nothing more important than my health,” or “I’m learning day-by-day to prioritize my health,” or “If I don’t prioritize my health, I can’t be of service to others,” or “All good things flow from my good health.” Then, place your new thought on a sticky on your mirror, as your screensaver, or set a reminder on your phone for that thought to pop up throughout the day. Allow the miracle of neuroplasticity to help you rewire your brain in favor of this new thought with repetition.  


I’d love to hear what thought you choose to rewire.