Client Testimonials

My clients are the best!
Here are some of the kind things they've said about our work together. 
“I worked with Terry during my Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch. She provided me with valuable insights and thru visualization helped guide me to see what is possible for my next phase after a successful career. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and still refer to my notes!”

— CAU of New Jersey

“At a very difficult time in my life Terry helped me not only see a road forward but did it with grace and laughter. I love working with her and she was a highlight to my every visit to Tucson.”

— Anonymous

“Terry is a transformational coach that I most highly recommend for anyone considering improving a single topic or multiple areas of one’s life. Her ability to quickly connect is amazing and her positive energy is contagious. She collaboratively helps develop practical strategies, many of which I implemented in my life. 5/5 stars!”

— Anonymous

“My coaching experience with Terry helped me transform my life. I had the opportunity to meet Terry at a very difficult and troubled point in my life. I was dealing with a loss of a spouse and a toxic work environment...We worked together to plan a 2.0 (two point O) version of myself, then an execution strategy. While it was difficult to uncover some of the challenges at first, we did, and I was then able to execute the plan. I am happy to say the strategy worked, was flexible enough to navigate a couple typical life bumps in the road, and I am in a much better place as a person, emotionally, physically and mentally. I highly recommend working with Terry!”

— Anonymous

"If you are a someone looking to make a shift, even if you don't know where to start, Terry is the coach for you. Her compassionate direct approach helps you shift and take immediate baby steps toward the life and career you desire. She helped me through a time when both my personal and professional life were in tangles. At the end of it I realized I was holding all the strings and could choose what to do with them. Thank you Terry for listening and making me laugh through it all."

- CR

"I met Terry at Canyon Ranch, and was impressed by her approach and warm positive energy. She is compassionate, honest, and an excellent listener. She cares deeply about her work and helped me discover truths about myself, while guiding me in defining my core values and meaningful life goals. I highly recommend working with Terry - She makes the hard work of self improvement fun. Terry will always find something to smile about, and before you know it, you will find yourself smiling, too."

- MK, Los Angeles, CA


Before working with Terry, I experienced professional and personal stress and felt like I was racing through each week.  Though I thoroughly embraced life, I wanted to live more intentionally and experience more joy each day. Terry’s compassionate, pragmatic coaching helped me develop insight into my choices and how I can control my life rather than letting life control me.  She expertly guided me in identifying meaningful goals and developing a step-by-step plan to achieve them, and her supportive follow-up kept me on track and ensured personal accountability and success.  The self-awareness, sense of agency, and empowerment I developed by working with Terry have carried me through the ups and downs of life in many other areas.  I encourage anyone looking to live with more meaning and purpose to reach out to Terry!
- R
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