Bad things happening? Try the three gifts technique

Nov 11, 2022
Three gifts

One of my favorite coaches and authors, Shirzad Chamine, shares a tip to reclaim your Sage perspective – your inner wise perspective – when things seemingly “go bad.” The idea is that when your brain perceives the outcome of a situation as bad, you must immediately get curious and come up with three scenarios where this supposedly lousy situation could be a gift.

Think of a recent situation where your inner judge immediately had an opinion such as “this is terrible” or “this is devastating.” It sounds ridiculous, especially if the situation is genuinely life-altering or harrowing, but I invite you to try it anyway. Please take a moment to identify three possible scenarios in which something good might come of it. Can you do it? You might have to force yourself the first few times. Try it, and let me know what you think! Over time, you can train your brain to stay in a more curious and less judgmental place. This skill allows you to stay nimble and creative in the face of challenges.